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In spring 2012, Ballantyne Elementary, part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System, participated in a 5th grade pilot of Edusmart Science. The purpose of the pilot was to determine the effect of Edusmart Science, a multimedia science resource, on student achievement.

For six weeks, two 5th grade classrooms were involved in this study. The teacher of the pilot classroom used the instruction module Edusmart Science Landforms to supplement district-provided resources during instruction. The teacher of the control group, the other 5th grade classroom, used only district-provided resources during instruction. Both teachers administered identical pre- and post-tests to their students.

Results indicated that the pilot classroom experienced an average 10 point gain over students in the control group. Based on these results, when Edusmart Science was included as part of instruction, there was a significantly positive effect on student achievement.

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