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2015-2016 Sunburst Digital Innovators: EduSmart & Sandeep Kumar

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Analyzing where each state stacks up with its teacher preparedness for delivering science instruction and more broadly STEM disciplines is difficult at best. (NCTQ Report)

By most measures, student outcomes are correlated to teacher capacity.  In turn, teacher capacity is directly linked to a healthy balance of competency and confidence within a particular subject discipline.  Digital content applications that by design help to build teacher capacity promote a more confident position from the teacher in question to deliver instruction in the classroom.

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A Next Generation Science Standards curriculum that's easy for every teacher to implement regardless of science training.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

EduSmart Science offers every classroom teacher a powerful resource to engage students in inquiry based science instruction.

EduSmart helps build science teacher capacity. The solution provides practical tools and utilities embedded directly within the NGSS based curriculum materials. Extensive lesson plans, activities, assessments and teacher guides allow for one of the most powerful whole class instruction based digital content solutions available for science instruction.

Whether you use student devices or an interactive whiteboard for direct instruction, the EduSmart Science materials are ready to implementation in any general education or special education classroom.

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